“Due to marine and land pollution, increasing atmospheric and ocean carbon dioxide, ocean acidification, climate change, and other factors, we are experiencing significant negative changes in the oceans. Without policy interventions we are observing what may become a collapsing ecosystem (Achim Steiner, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), 2008). “


  • Sea Bath(sea salts and active seaweed) $65
  • Sea Bath with Aromatherapy Essentials oils $70

Thalassotherapy (sea water therapy) has been used for thousands of years for multiple therapeutic benefits, and today many centers exist along coastal areas of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.   These globally popular therapeutic baths are theorized to reduce tension, relax tight muscles, relieve arthritic pain and other bodily aches and pain, detoxify and tone the skin, and reduce cellulite.  At El Noel we have brought Thalassotherapy to Brooklyn creating our own “sea water” bath by adding sea salts, seaweed particles and essential oils to heated water in our individual hydrotherapy tubs equipped with powerful underwater jets.  The addition of aromatherapy essential oils, and herbs engages our powerful sense of smell, stimulates the brain, and can provide positive impacts on mood, stress and learning.



  • Mineral & Herbal Bath $70
  • Mineral and Aromatherapy Bath $70
  • Out Of Africa (Mineral Salts, essential and fruit oils) $70
  • Sauna $25 - 30 min

Balneo-therapeutic water baths to which minerals and herbs are added, are performed in our two beautiful Romananesque-like wet rooms and provide a wonderful, relaxing experience that also have therapeutic effects on the skin, muscle and other organs.